Brag Post: Fynn #1 Kerry in Fast Cat!

Between puppies and COVID it’s been a slow year for us.  But all was not lost!  At the end of June Fynn and Electra were able to attend the Rat Pack and Fort Dodge Kennel Club barn hunt and Fast Cat weekend.  Electra was her usual amazing self in the barn hunt ring, qualifying for all of her rounds, putting her that much closer to her RATOX title!

Fynn got to compete in Fast Cat and Barn Hunt!  He managed to finish his RATO title in barn hunt!  And then tackled the Senior ring the rest of the weekend, he did well searching for rats but wasn’t fast enough to find them all in time, we will get there!

But then there was Fast Cat! And Fynn showed us just how much he LOVES to run!  He qualified all four runs and averaged 25.19 mpg making him the fastest Kerry of 2020!  And second Kerry Lifetime!  He had a blast!

An interesting side note:  the top four Kerries lifetime in Fast Cat all share a common relative, a beautiful Kerry by the name of Sherlock, the speed genes run deep in that line!

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